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Sae Hatakeyama
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Birth date: 1999/06/07

Hometown: Samukawa, Kanagawa, Japan

Height: 162cm

​Weight: 64kg

​Sae is actually a little bit introvert and a unfussy person but

on the contrary she really hates to lose and ride strongly and powerfully on the bike.​ The gap of her personality on and off the bike is quite characteristic.

Sae has started BMX racing since she was 4 years old because of her parents' and brothers' influences, and she grew up rapidly with her career and have won 3 times for the title of the world challenges by age as the significant results when she was young.

Since 2014, Sae made the big sponsorship contract with Redbull as the first Japanese BMX racer and started her professional career.

Currently, Sae has been doing training so hard and also competing with the top riders in the world while she participates in the UCI World Cup series in order to stand on the top of the podium of world championships.

Sae is now the closest to the top of the world and a gold medal on Olympics in all Japanese BMX racers because she became the first Japanese BMX racing olympian and the first Japanese person who has ever won the 3rd place on the UCI World Cup Round 1 in 2021.





4日〜6日 Lone Star National (ヒューストン・テキサス/アメリカ)

18日〜20日 Carolina National (ロックヒル・ノースカロライナ/アメリカ)


2日〜3日 ヨーロピアンカップシリーズ 第1戦・第2戦 (ヴェローナ/イタリア)


14日〜15日 ヨーロピアンカップシリーズ第7戦・第8戦 (シュトゥットガルト/ドイツ)

28日〜29日 ワールドカップシリーズ 第1戦・第2戦 (グラスゴー/イギリス)


11日〜12日 ワールドカップシリーズ 第3戦・第4戦 (パペンダル/オランダ)


26日〜31日 2022年世界選手権 (ナント/フランス)


24日〜25日 ワールドカップシリーズ 第5戦・第6戦 (ボゴタ/コロンビア)

1日〜2日 ワールドカップシリーズ 第7戦・第8戦 (ボゴタ/コロンビア)
29日〜30日 2022年全日本選手権



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